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April 2015 (Lots of Stuff Happens)

So this post was originally titled Kallie moves to Austin, but I realized our lives were so crazy that April that I didn’t have a real way to separate all the different all the different events that happened in such a small time.

It was a surreal feeling saying goodbye to you after Ultra in Miami knowing that I would be seeing you the next weekend for you to move here to be closer to me.

The move here was hectic but between our two families we were able to get it done.

I know when you first got here it was stressful to move without having a job but it was amazing to see the Lord provide you with 3 job offers in the first week and a half you were here!

During that same time we had my birthday, our anniversary and you completed a Texan rite of passage by taking bluebonnet pictures.

Then when you accepted your job offer we went out to the movies and then to Lake Travis to celebrate!

The end of the month was capped off by going to the lake to see the boat I have been waiting 10 years for.

Overall this was one of the most dynamic, stressful, fun, and totally blessed months in our relationship.

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