'2014-08-31 18:25:05'

Football Road Trip!

The idea for this road trip started as soon as I realized A&M would be playing in South Carolina. When we found out that Tennessee also had a home game that weekend and that they were on different days this made for a can’t miss opportunity to go see both of our teams play. So even though we hadn’t known each other long and weren’t dating at the time we started making plans for this.

It was doubly exciting because I had an opportunity to invite my sister Aarika which mean you got to meet her in person for the first time!

This trip was one of the toughest things we have ever been through as it came at a very emotional time in all 3 of our lives as I was moving away and Aarika was finalizing job offers and her own relationship stuff.

However in retrospect I am glad we did it and survived as it prepared me for the coming months and it allowed you and my sister to bond over how dumb I am sometimes.

Anyway on to the fun stuff!:

A&M smashed South Carolina in a huge upset! We got to see Myles Garrett, Speedy Noil, and Armani Watts first college game and the birth of Kenny Trill!

Plus you got to see Trey Williams in person for the first time!

We then got to go on a road trip through some absolutely gorgeous places in the Carolina’s and Tennessee. Including some apple picking and eating some delicious peaches from a tiny roadside store.

After that we got to watch Tennessee play and beat up on a decent Utah State team even if I was being mean and saying the I was going to see the Aggies win twice that weekend. Also we were there for the first time “3rd down for what” was used!


After all of that we dropped Aarika off at the airport and drove home. We ate at some great places along the way like the Rookery where you tried fried green tomatoes for the first time.

We also stopped for Italian food in Orlando and had some great made on the spot pasta and gelato!

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