September 6, 2014

From Florida Back to Texas

Coming back to Florida after our trip was bittersweet because we knew that soon I would be leaving but we tried to make the best of it by spending as much time as possible together. We spend the Saturday’s we had left watching my projector on the rig I made up in the trailer that let it slide out of the back cabinet. You also got a chance to meet my South Florida Aggie friends and watch a football game with them!

My grandfather and his friend came down to Florida to help me move back to Texas and you two got to meet for the first time. It was really cool seeing what you guys had in common and how well you got along!

At the end of this time I was living in Austin and you were in Fort Lauderdale getting ready to move back home to Okeechobee so you could save some money and move to Texas with me. Neither of us really knew what to expect from a long distance relationship but we knew that we loved each other enough to give this our best shot. Thanks so much for putting up with me from over a thousand miles away.

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