November 26, 2014

Tour of Texas + First Thanksgiving Together

We went all over the place over the course of 8-9 days.

We started off in Austin with my mother and I picking you up from the airport and going out to eat!

The next day we all went to Cafe Java in Round Rock and then after my mother left we saw Big Hero 6 which was your first time at an Alamo Drafthouse.

After that we headed down to Victoria to hang out at my parent’s place and get ready for Thanksgiving.

We went to a bunch of fun restaurants down there and you were able to knock out your school work for the week.

Unfortunately my mom had to go to unexpectedly St. Louis to take care of her mom during the week and my dad got really sick so before we even got to my family thanksgiving in Bryan, two family members were gone.

Anyway we went up there on Wednesday afternoon so we could go to bonfire and midnight yell which was the first midnight yell ever that I got to kiss someone when the lights went out 🙂

The next day was Thanksgiving which meant you got to meet the rest of my crazy family. And although you said you felt overwhelmed due to the sheer number of new people, it went really well and everyone loved you.

Later that night, was your first time being able to see the Aggies play at Kyle Field!

After all of that we went to The Woodlands to the home I grew up in to show you around a little bit more.

We had a fun time going around my old neighborhood and then eating at Lupe Tortilla before taking you to the airport.

Favorite Messages: