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Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016

The end of 2015 was a bunch of fun!

We went to a Christmas Party at the Well and did a small gift exchange with our CG!

One of the major highlights was that Star Wars VII came out and we got to see it like a billion times in theaters! BB-8 is one of thee cutest things in that galaxy but you are cuter and I can actually understand the noises you make.

We got to watch Star Wars with Tyler, Elise, and Kristin and then go see the Trail of Lights and even though it was way too warm for Christmas lights it was still a blast!

I still remember how grateful I was to find out that you were able to get off early on Christmas Eve so we could go see my family and spend Christmas morning with them. (A little disappointed because of the super awesome surprise meal I had planned but luckily we got to do that later!)

We had a fun Christmas and the next day was great as well getting to watch Star Wars again and cooking with my family.

New Years Eve 2015 was your first celebration outside the central time zone and it was cute how weirded out you felt when we watched the ball in New York fall without it being midnight yet.

We started 2016 out right by hanging out with my old roommate Sam and watching Star Wars again!

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