2016-03-05 17:42:47

Early 2016

We were very very busy in early 2016 getting my house into a liveable condition and getting ready to go to Europe.  As a result we decided to have a pretty low key Valentine’s day at Outback which ended up being super awkward. We were the only ones even kind of dressed up but in the end it was another bonding experience for us lol.

The next celebration we had was a lot more normal when we went out to eat for your birthday! We went to the Lupe Tortilla near my work and had a really good time!

During this time we also joined a new community group at church and the week of your birthday we met at whole foods and had a blast hanging out in the store. Getting involved in community again was one of the major blessings God gave us that year.

We spent Easter weekend with my family in Victoria and had a bunch of fun at a seafood restaurant that Saturday night. It was your first time to eat a crab leg! Easter service was a good time and was the first time either of us had been to church in Victoria!

This was also when we started seriously rotating new credit cards in order to get the sign on bonuses, it felt like every month there was a new card we had to use for everything. 😛

We also both gained new roommates during this time and you moved to a new apartment!

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