2016-04-16 15:08:31

Spring 2016

We were feeling like adventurous foodies so we went to the Indian Food restaurant closer to your old apartment in Round Rock. It was really really good!

For my birthday you surprised me with balloons and birthday bacon! You had my griddle set up and cooking by the time I got up. Also you brought me donuts! You l0oked great in your dress at church that day too!

On that Tuesday we had our first lunch date in a long time to celebrate our Second Anniversary!

The next Saturday we went to go see my former work colleague, Jason, get married! They had that guy with that amazing voice sing during their ceremony and their reception was beauty and the beast themed! Even if it took us longer than it should have to have gotten there because of road construction and me not understanding detours. 😉

The next weekend went to Victoria to have a little time away from Austin together and so that I could help my dad set up the sound system we’d been working on for a couple years. It ended up with me running like a 102 degree fever and eating a bunch of old ice cream but you made me feel better by being there.

During this whole time we were extremely busy getting all of our final preparations done for our upcoming trip which unfortunately included getting you a new passport when your ended up being lost. So that was pretty stressful…

But thankfully with all of this happening around us and the school semester coming to a close we were able to wrap everything up and finally see your favorite band Pegboard Nerds live! We even got to talk to them and get our shirts signed by them. They were extremely nice and that night was a ton of fun.

But that was just the beginning of our summer adventures. The week after the concert we got on a plane to see and do things we’ve never done before…

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