After drinking some crazy grounds included coffee on the plane we arrived in Barcelona. We took a bus to the Crowne Plaza in Barcelona, which to your shock turned out to be one of our favorite hotels/places on the entire trip. Then we went out for a late lunch at Pincho J, an awesome tapas which was being run by an Asian guy who spoke excellent Spanish and English. After that we went to La Sagrada Familia, which is hands down the most gorgeous church we have ever seen. Learning about it and how it is being built was totally fascinating and seeing the city from the top of it was a blast. The passion facade was incredibly touching and it was really cool to see so many people coming to visit a building meant to honor God. In a totally different vein we went out bar hopping that night because we were informed of a street filled with different tapas places. We camped out at one of them and drank a whole pitcher of sangria in about an hour. We made it home safe but a little dizzy and then you had a blast playing with the robe from the hotel!

The following morning we went to the Mercado de la Boqueria, an awesome market in order to go to a restaurant called El Quim de la Boqueria,  which we discovered through one of our favorite shows, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having. We were still being very budget conscious as this was the beginning of the trip so we didn’t get exactly what we wanted and played it a little cheap, don’t worry though you know we addressed that the next day. In any case the market was very cool and the food was very very good. After that we went to a restaurant called Granja Viader, which had this hot chocolate and churros dish that was out of this world rich and awesome. Next was our big long Guadi tour, which taught as a lot including some more about La Sagrada Familia.

 The next morning we went back to the Boqueria with the intention of getting exactly what we wanted to eat. And what we wanted to eat was baby octopus on eggs, and it was absolutely incredible. After that it was time to move to the second hotel we would be using in the city, the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel. This hotel was incredibly beautiful and really fun to be at. Our front desk agent was really helpful and told us how to get to the beach town of Sitges that we were planning on visiting. After a really enjoyable beach trip and some fun food there we were back at the hotel where we tried to get a late night salad… Long story short we ended up getting a pizza but we were ok with the knowledge that we would be in Paris the next day!

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