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We made it to the Munich station in Germany and were able to catch up with my buddy Andrew who was visiting there as well! After we were able to figure out how the metro system worked (totally on the honor system, no tolls or turnstiles) we headed to our hotel. We were able to use your discount again this time at the Munich Marriott Hotel, which was really nice. When we got there we asked the concierge were we could go to eat authentic German food and he recommended Brunnwart. This was one of the best pieces of advice we listened to on the entire trip. We hadn’t eaten in a while so we were there fairly early by European standards and two really nice servers helped us with our order. We liked everything but the clear winner was the kasspatzen. Which is spatzle with two different kinds of cheese and fried onions and it is super super tasty. After we devoured that we went back to the hotel to chill and plan the next day.

The next day we got ready to go on a walking tour of Munich but first since it was raining we both had to get raincoats since we didn’t have any. We ended up getting some fun ones at a store with a really rude stock girl. After that we went to the hostel our tour was meeting from. We had a good time on tour and you made a friend with a structural engineer from Canada named Lindsey. After our tour we stopped in Marienplatz at a store with really amazing sausage and had sausage sandwiches. After that we went to the Nationalist Socialist Museum which was very powerful. It was interesting to learn more about how Hitler came to power and how people came to hate other people so much. After that we went to eat at a place called Zwickl which was just ok, but was good enough to give us the energy to make it back to the hotel to hang out.

Our goal for the next morning was to go to Marienplatz and get a pretzel for breakfast, which was harder to find than you would think in Germany but we managed to get it done! After breakfast we wanted to go up into the Altar Peter tower to take pictures above Munich but the forecast called for clouds for the next several hours so we went to the English Garden to kill some time while it cleared up. The English Garden is a massive gorgeous park right through the heart of Munich. We got to watch some people surf on the river there! Lunch was next, pretzel sandwich for you, also very elusive, and sausage sandwiches for Andrew and I. Then we bought some meat and fruit to get ready for a picnic in the Alps during our road trip that will be taking place the next day. We went back to the hotel to store the food and then we headed out to BMW World. It was fun to see all their cars and motorcycles! We were pretty exhausted by this point so we decided to call it a day and go back to the hotel and chill in the hot tub. After we had relaxed a little we walked to Brunnwart to sit outside in the beer garden and eat. The food we had this time was even better than the last and we were able to get some more German stuff like Sauerkraut with toast and sausage. Your turkey salad was awesome and Andrew and I split a steak and kasspatzen, both of which were excellent. You also had your last taste of Afri-Cola… Again I’m sorry about saying we could find it again easily.

The next morning we woke up at 5 AM and took the metro to the hotel our car was being dropped off at. But that is the beginning of a new chapter 😉

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