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Fall 2016

We were blessed to be able to have another fall filled with football in 2016. We had been preparing for the Tennessee Volunteers visiting Kyle Field since we saw it on the schedule 2 years before the game.

When this game happened it was a bigger deal than we ever thought it would be in our wildest imaginations. Both of our teams were undefeated and ESPN College Gameday was on site with your girl Samantha Ponder! So this had a ton a hype before the game was even played. But then the game was played.

The game seemed to go on forever, especially since it was a CBS game so they fit as many long commercial breaks into is as possible. At the end of the game we were so emotionally caught up in the game we were barely speaking to each other until I apologized for being a jerk too focused on football.

A couple months before all this drama I had ordered the center stone for your engagement ring to be custom cut exactly how I wanted it. I had been sweating getting it in for a while but it arrived and I was thrilled with how it looked!

We had a fun time hanging out with our community group during this time too, having hosted some game nights heavily featuring Guitar Hero and going to see Adele!

After all this fun we went to Bryan to have Thanksgiving with my family and to go to the A&M-LSU game that evening. Thanksgiving was a blast but the game was a let down as it was pretty much a blow out. But that didn’t stop us from having fun and getting hot chocolate!

Even though I like to focus on a lot of the fun stuff we’ve done in these notes there was also a lot of serious things happening during this time. The coolest of which was you were able to get a job working at Apple! Seeing God lead you through your previous jobs to lead you to this one was an amazing journey and I’m proud of you for staying faithful throughout it.

We also started planning our wedding during this time because as you know we are a totally backwards couple! I knew you wanted me to be able to ask your dad in person before I proposed but we also didn’t want to have an engagement that dragged out so we kinda met in the middle and were unofficially engaged for a while. This is also the same time period that I started planning my proposal and our trip to Colorado is what came out of it!

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