2017-01-07 17:28:36

Sweet Home Florida + Early 2017

We started 2017 in the same place physically we were the year before but in a very different place in our relationship as we knew we were getting married, had a date picked out, and had put the deposit down on our venue.

After spending a fun New Year’s weekend with my family (and Millie) we were very very excited to be able to go to Florida to see your family! We hadn’t seen them since November of 2015 and I hope that is the longest we ever go because it is just too long to be away!

Other than the joy of being able to see your parents and the rest of your family this visit was particularly special for a couple reasons.

  1. You getting to hold and see your niece, Ella Joy, for the first time.
  2. You got to visit your grandfather who had been sick in the hospital for a while.
  3. I got to ask your dad for his blessing.
  4. You got to go dress shopping with your mother!

God really tested you during your time back in Okeechobee to trust in him not just for yourself but for all your loved ones too. We were extremely blessed to be able to see and visit with so many of them while we were in town!

I got sick immediately after getting back from Okeechobee but luckily you are stronger than me because just 4 days later you had a bridal expo to go to! My mother, sisters, and Elise all came up and you guys got to have a blast looking at wedding stuff! Oh and Aarika just happened to bring by the car she was selling and you ended the day with a new car!

After spending our first weekend at home in over a month we went to Victoria to help my parents renovate the new Service Supply building! I really enjoyed this trip for a couple reasons. I was really thankful that you were able and willing to come down and help my family when we need it and the car rides themselves were a blessing. Besides being able to take your new car which gets double my gas mileage we were able to listen to sermons and share what God has been laying on our hearts and that was really special to me.

The next week we were finally able to do some cake tasting at Sweet Treets Bakery! The bakery itself was really cool and I think the cake you picked out is going to be awesome! After we gawked at all their awesome cakes and had tasted their yummy flavors we got some awesome pizza right down the street at Via 313.

That weekend was Super Bowl LI and we decided to have throw a Super Bowl Party. It was some of the best teamwork we’ve ever pulled off. We managed to make fried wings, baked wings, and vegan queso dip all of which were ready right at game time! We also had the house ready and had a great group effort from everyone who came as well! In terms of the actual game we were rooting for the Falcons to beat the Patriots so we were pretty happy for most of the game…

Until the biggest choke job in Super Bowl history and some really awesome plays in the fourth quarter. We were a little disappointed but it was a great second half and we got to enjoy some good football with good friends!

With the party out of the way I was ready to focus my full attention on the trip, and unknown to you, my proposal!

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