2017-01-10 18:12:54

(Pre) Engagement Photoshoot!

We had been planning to go to Okeechobee in January for a while and since we were already planning our wedding your mother offered to book a photographer and take engagement photos in Florida. At first I was unsure because you hadn’t seen the ring yet and I wanted to surprise you. But after thinking about it more I got really excited about it because it meant I would be able to have a photographer on hand for the first time you ever saw the ring. I know you wanted your engagement to be private so this was a best of both world opportunity! It also meant that we got to take the pictures in Florida on the beach which has been a huge part of your life growing up and was a part of our story getting in Fort Lauderdale as well!

On our way out to the beach we were a little worried as we drove through some rain storms and the forecast was unsure of what to expect during the session. But as we got close the clouds blew away and we were blessed to have basically perfect weather and lighting! The photographer we got to work with was really nice and your mom did a great job of helping her out and making us look good 🙂 We even got to bring out your Greek Goddess outfit we bought in Athens and get some fun pictures of you being a diva!

The only negative aspect of this whole experience was that you had to give the ring back to me at the end of the day. But I promised to get it back to you as soon as possible!