March 28, 2015

Aaron’s Trip Back to Florida

Coming back to  Florida was a blast and being able to go to one of the biggest concerts on the planet was so much fun.

You got to meet John from my office and we even survived a wallet panic!!!!!!!

I remember how psyched I was for you to hear Big Gigantic for the first time and they were awesome!


Partying in Miami fueled by Red Bull and our young 20s energy!

We had cupcakes the next morning (you know for nutritious energy 😉 )

We also got to see some people we had never heard of including Kennedy Jones and Milo and Otis who were fantastic and even though we were in a bit of a fight at the time we really enjoyed them!

While we were in Florida we were able to have a reunion meeting of the breakfast club! Other than only having cucumber water to drink for the 30 minute wait outside we had a lot of fun. (That was also the day you learned cars in Texas had both front and rear license plates)

To cap it off, your fave Skrillex closed out Ultra that evening and brought a bunch of special guests including Diplo, Justin Beiber, and P Diddy.

Our Favorite Sets from Ultra:

Favorite Messages: